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Beddie Redmayne

Sorry, I meant to say Eddie Redmayne, how very foolish of me...

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The observant of you will have noticed I have a little bit of a thing for Eddie Redmayne, well, who doesn't? 

Don't tell me you don't?

So, whilst you book an appointment to your opticians I suggest you read on...

Reasons to Rate Redmayne

1. He was the face of a Burberry campaign, and well, he looked great...

Eddie Redmayne & Cara Delevingne are the stars of Burberry's Spring / Summer 2012 campaign!

All photos are copyright Burberry

2. He can sing!

He says he enjoys to sing and first started singing when he was at school. You can here him sing if you watch the film Les Miserables, or you can simply click on the video below.

3. He's a little bit brainy - he went to Cambridge (after attending Eton), graduating with a 2.1 degree in history of art at Trinity College.

4. He's just quite simple, beautiful...
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  1. Yep, hehehe. But having him been in Cambridge is a good thing already. I think that makes him brain and beauty. :D I think he can help me sharing some thoughts about dissertation literature review tutorial . :)