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Line up



Clash of the colours

Do red and Orange go together?


Do I care?

Hell no

In fact, the more they clash the better

Gone Brogue

Finally putting a definition next to smart-casual


Oh hey Narnia

This is a story of how New York discovered Narnia - but what lay before it was so great they didn't even feel tempted to venture any further.

You all know the story of Narnia- the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Let's talk more about the last part:

The Wardrobe - the magical portal to the world of Narnia, idyllic and beautiful, a place where 'it's always winter, but never Christmas'. Well you might want to grab your fur coat on the way there then...or just grab the coat and leave - as New York would say.

Photo from The Times


The Grammy style

Once again, another awards ceremony has hit us in the face with a red carpet laden with gorgeous dresses. Let me show you...

Rihanna looked flawless in a Azzedine Alaia gown

High Street picks

I've found the best pieces in store right now


J Brand - it's not always in the jeans

'It’s easy, it’s effortless, you can wear it without having to try too hard,’ Rudes said. ‘Just like our jeans.’

A few nights ago across the pool from me, something special happened. You may have come across J brand as the go-to place for a good quality pair of designer jeans. Their reputation has grown more and more through each collection, to the point where they are now a world-renowned label.

This isn't the end of the J Brand tale - in fact, they've just started a new chapter. In my eyes it's called 'J Brand - it's not always in the jeans'. Okay it's not actually called that, but if they were actually calling this chapter a name - it's definitely an option.

New York was blessed with the debut ready-to-wear collection - found stood upon uniformly arranged podiums - and the trousers still won the gold medal. Let me show you.


The Jungle Look

I walked into Zara today, and honestly? I might as well have just walked into the Amazonian rainforest.

Okay slight exaggeration, but truthfully I think we can only blame one thing...

Hello Kenzo

Andy Torres from Stylescrapbook


Beddie Redmayne

Sorry, I meant to say Eddie Redmayne, how very foolish of me...

Source: via Katherine on Pinterest

Putting things into Perspextive

That kinda works right?

Okay, so it sounds silly, but that's not the point. The point is this:

This Spring/Summer saw a throng of plastic accessories hit the runway, as you may know. They have been seen in the shops ever since, and the word on the street tells me...

Life in Plastic, it's fantastic


Don't get strappy with me

Isabel Marant - £420 - Matches
Actually, I take that back. Give me strappy!

The supermarket jewels

Food + fashion = best combination ever!

Lucy Folk, a jewellery designer has a unique way of creating innovative pieces that mimic different foods. I've fallen in love with the Melbourne-based designer, as she has managed to combine two of my favourite things. Remember when you were little and you made necklaces out of dried pasta shapes, well let me tell you, Lucy's were definitely the best.

I've picked some of my favourite pieces, and I will follow whoever is the first to name all the different types of food in the pictures.


There are plenty more fish in the sea

Let me introduce you, in case you have not already been introduced, to Peter Lippmann:

He is a fashion photographer who doesn't just shoot photos, he creates art. I am always impressed by not only the imagination he has but also the way in which he inspires me, and the skill he has to exercise your own imagination.

You may know him for shooting advert campaigns for Christian Louboutin, which is what I'm writing about today. Let me spoil you with some photos from his previous campaigns. 

Now do you see what I mean...? We are certainly not talking your standard ad photographer here. Prepare to enter a world of pure imagination *starts singing Willy Wonker*


Model of the week

And the Crown is handed over to...

Perfection to a T

Who said T-shirts were boring?

Okay, so they can be, but only if you let them.

1. Grunge

2. Smart

3. Late night


Shoe mad

I think it's fair to say that shoe designers went a little bit crazy when it came to designing shoes for S/S 13, if you don't believe me. Take a look...

Celine: turned into Cruella Deville, the Cookie Monster and Elmo were among her victims. Of course I am joking, neither were harmed in the making of these shoes, thank god.

Celine Spring 2013: Big Bird
Image IMAXtree 
Celine Spring 2013: Elmo
Image IMAXtree
Celine Spring 2013: Cookie Monster
Image IMAXtree

Prada: They didn't just create a shoe, they created a shoe combined with a fit-the-shape-in-the-hole game, who knew sandals could be this much fun?! To save disappointment, these shoes do not come accompanied with various different wooden shapes.

Prada Spring 2013: Half Shoe
Image IMAXtree

Celine: I have nothing to say other than please do not wear with a tan.
Celine Spring 2013: Trompe L'oeil
Image IMAXtree
Alexander McQueen: Finally a shoe that creates a convenient way to store your precious gems and jewels! Thank you McQueen, thank you!

If you haven't noticed so far that I've been very sarcastic
a) you need to pay more attention 
b) sar·casm 
1. A cutting, often ironic remark intended to wound.
2. A form of wit that is marked by the use of sarcastic language and is intended to make its victim the butt of contempt or ridicule.
3. The use of sarcasm. See Synonyms at wit.

However, there was a designer that in my opinion, just smashed all the others out the window. Not because they created the wackiest shoes. They managed to create such beautifully unique shoes, yet without taking away that element of desire that I feel so many designers did. 

So thank you Fendi:

Image GoRunway

Image GoRunway
Image GoRunway
Image GoRunway
Image GoRunway
Image GoRunway
Image GoRunway
So there you have it, congratulations Fendi you win the award for the most well executed weird shoe. The colours were striking, the heels were bold and the strips of leather over the front mimic the roof of the Sydney Opera House. What could be better?


The perfect couple

Like it or not, Valentine's Day is looming.

But, for those of you who dread it, like a kid dreads a visit to the dentist (note: this dread is not necessarily limited to children), I present to you the perfect opportunity to celebrate the romance, and dare I say it, the sexy relationship between a trouser and a jacket in a trouser suit. They are the ideal couple. Like it or not, your relationship will not match up to theirs for the following reasons:

1. They look great together: Think Brangelina, Posh and Becks, Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom. Oh but they're so much better, they're charming, classy and undeniably cute.
2. They're practical: yet elegant. If you can find another couple that look this suited in so many situations, then you are lying.

Note: The communication between them is limited, but I'm willing to look past this.

So now you're aware of the couple of the year, let me show you how to get your own.

Erdem - £1820 for the pair
Richard Nicoll - £892 for the pair
Erdem - £2800 for the pair
Image 1 of b + ab  Velvet Mix Trouser
b&b - £175 for the pair

Topshop - £107 for the pair
Paul & Joe 
Paul & Joe - £645 for the pair

J. Crew- £765 for the pair
By Malene Birger 
Malene Berger - £550 for the pair

Zara - £99.98 for the pair
Theyskens' Theory 
Theyskens' Theory - £870 for the pair