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Clash of the colours

Do red and Orange go together?


Do I care?

Hell no

In fact, the more they clash the better

There's something really invigorating about combing these two colours, whether it's by teaming two such intense colours together, or because when you put them together, initially it's saying no, but the more you look at it, the more it's saying yes.

This first outfit is yelling 'textures' so close to my ear I can hear a ringing noise. The solid texture of the leather shorts teamed with the suede shoes is so right - and then bring in that bright orange Zara clutch and you change the feeling of the outfit (literally). As for the red and orange - they're beautifully offset by the neutral tones of the other pieces. If you wear the Equipment shirt buttoned to the top and tucked into the shorts, the Shourouk necklace will contrast sublimely - and as for the trench, it speaks for itself doesn't it? For full effect wear unbuttoned.

Once again, we've teamed the red and orange items with less in-your-face colours - the monochrome look here works well with the red and orange - making them seem even brighter than that actually are. These Giles trousers are perfect to put with the Michael Kors jumper - the jumper is tight, so the Giles trousers complete the silhouette by making it elegant and flattering, without being too skin-tight. The Zara shoes and Lanvin bag give that perfect level of orange that I know you're oh so craving. The Francis Leon Jacket is great to casual-ify (new word) the whole look - without detracting from the femininity. The Jewellery? Well, the bracelet is Alexander McQueen (enough said) and as for the necklace, don't you just think that plain jumper is shouting out for a statement necklace? I do.

Possibly the sexiest outfit out of them all - the J Brand jeans have a metallic-leather look about them, so combined with them being skin-tight, that makes for some pretty hot jeans. If you then throw the Topshop cami on, and put the Givenchy necklace on top you've got a pretty simple outfit - no show-off patterns, no attention seeking prints - this remains the same even when you add the Marc Jacobs gilet - which gives a much needed texture lift. The Zara clutch and Whistles stilettos stay within the plain theme, yet they both undeniably add to the sex-appeal this outfit so obviously gives. 
The Jonathan Saunders skirt is the star of the show here - it has a delectable texture that is considerably lacking from the other items in the outfit - don't get me wrong - that doesn't detract from the outfits appeal, it adds to it. If you tuck the Max Mara shirt into the skirt, you've already got a feminine and simple structure - the jewellery brings gold into the picture - which matches perfectly with the red/orange and blue colour scheme. The shoes and bag both contain the same orange, making this outfit the ultimate clashing experience. Fantastic. 

These trousers are so bright, the other colour needed to be dark - so combining them with this navy River Island blouse is ideal - which is best buttoned right to the collar, and then team it with the topshop snood, which actually matches the trousers! I know, what was I thinking? Don't fear, the bright orange Issey Miyake clutch makes up for it - and the Kurt Geiger heels keep up with the dark vs red/orange hues. 

I really hope I have inspired you to put red and orange together more often (or start doing it) - sometimes it doesn't work admittedly, but when it does it looks really spectacular.

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