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Man Repeller X Superga makes me superGAGA

Firstly I'd like to apologise for not writing in ages, I have several reasons which I will not bore you with - travelling and uni. There we go, nice and quick - because I know you don't really care about that kinda stuff. I know I wouldn't.

Secondly, holy mother of Superga - Leandra Medine (AKA Man Repeller) has teamed up with the brand of trainers that turns laces into something sexual - Superga.

If you'd rather hear/read about it from the woman herself, (which I personally recommend) then head straight there and leave me here (no hard feelings) -

If for some reason you're still reading this - thank you, maybe you've found me kind of funny - my modesty slightly endearing? Well that crap is over now - we're getting down to the gritty. CLICK BELOW


Making an impact: The Bomber

I've seen bomber jackets around shops for ages now, and it seems like they're going to go out of fashion soon. Don't think too fast.

The sun has finally decided to show its shameful face and in my opinion the bomber is the perfect substitute for a winter coat this time of year. Take away the stuffy, heavy, thick and bulky mass that is your sickeningly over-used winter coat and replace it with a light, loose and sickeningly cool jacket. 

I'm sure I'm not the one to introduce you (but if I am then I feel honoured). Or maybe you have been introduced but the introduction wasn't impressive, maybe. Well let me change that. 

Reader meet Bomber.

Bomber meet Reader.

Let me leave you too it. 


Wishlist: Spring 2013

This is the post where I handpick my personal hot list for Spring 2013. I have gone through collections with a fine-toothed comb, being ultra critical of everything I come across. I ask myself why? What is it about this piece that makes it so great? Is it long lasting? Is it a one off? In fact, in order for you to understand why my top 10 is in fact these following articles, I have attached a small explanation following each, starting with 'because' (because my grammar has always been top notch).

Then I ask myself, why the fuck am I taking this so seriously, when I know that's all these pieces will ever be to me, a list?

Because a girl can dream, that's why. Okay.


It's getting hot in here, so lets go buy some clothes

I was getting quite depressed up until recently about the whereabouts of Spring, but today my sunglasses lost their 2013 virginity and they LOVED it.

In celebration of the weather's turnaround here's a compilation of the best the shops have to offer when you want to offer a little skin.