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Wishlist: Spring 2013

This is the post where I handpick my personal hot list for Spring 2013. I have gone through collections with a fine-toothed comb, being ultra critical of everything I come across. I ask myself why? What is it about this piece that makes it so great? Is it long lasting? Is it a one off? In fact, in order for you to understand why my top 10 is in fact these following articles, I have attached a small explanation following each, starting with 'because' (because my grammar has always been top notch).

Then I ask myself, why the fuck am I taking this so seriously, when I know that's all these pieces will ever be to me, a list?

Because a girl can dream, that's why. Okay.

Let me firstly note that the following are in no order, the only order they are in is the order at which my computer put them in when saving them to my computer as I came across them. So why I'm counting down, makes little sense, but I think it just makes things that bit more exciting?

Shorts - Sophie Hulme - £285

Because the actual sight of them makes me think of Spring. The colour is fantastic - it's such a girly pink, but the additional orange hue makes them look so warm. I'd put them with a plain white shirt, maybe some plain sandals and a bag. The accompaniments don't need to be anything special, because these are special enough. The high waist adds leg, the shape adds sex, a good combo no? 

Sunglasses - Ray Ban - £125

Because these are the sunglasses of the year. You can see them copied everywhere, my favourite version being the ones from Urban Outfitters. I love them because they're so different to the face-swamping sunglasses that have been in fashion for so long, they're bold but not too so. They also have the power to change the whole look of an outfit, they shout 'vintage' 'retro', and will keep you looking effortlessly cool.

Clutch Bag - Bao Bao Issey Miyake - £115

Because this isn't your typical clutch. Lets start with the colour - it's so electric it's dangerous. I'd initially think, oh my god there's absolutely nothing in my wardrobe that would go with this. I am so wrong, it's far more versatile than you'd initially think - the boldness of the colour should reflect your personality when wearing them - be bold. The geometric look on this clutch works so well, and that combined with the metallic finish on it gives it an almost 'lego' style look. I love it.


Jumper - Kenzo - £265

Because we've all seen the original Kenzo tiger jumper, and now we want something new - this is the perfect replacement. The thinner material on this makes it far more Spring-like, and the colours used are a lot more subdued, but it still hits the nail on the head by being ultra-hot. The additional slits at the front give a great edge to it and would look perfect with a pencil skirt. Although if I was lucky enough to own it, I'd be tempted to just stick it with black skinny jeans. But sadly, it's £265, oh and it's sold out. Sigh.

Leather and canvas jacket - Sophie Hulme - £855

Because when do biker jackets get this hot? Add this to any outfit for instant biker-chic. The contrast in textures in panels across the whole jacket make it a little bit more interesting than your standard leather jacket. 

Bodycon Dress - Alexander McQueen - £270

Because what's a top ten list without Alexander McQueen? There is little about this dress that I'm not utterly in love with - I'm already imagining it with a black leather jacket and some black ankle boots, and the fact that it's knitted allows it definite day-time wear-ability. But, it's also perfect for evening. Black heels, hair up, sorted. 

Leather Bag - Fendi - £2200

Because it's sexy and it knows it. Nowadays, you either get a plain bag, or one that's embellished beyond what your eyes can handle. This is the perfect intermediate, it's not demanding attention because it doesn't need to. I mean look at it, oh you already were.. 

Sandals - Gucci - £430 

Because I have eyes. And if I actually need to explain why these are in the top ten then please, pick up your things and get out of my blog. 


Bomber jacket - Thu Thu - £448

Because this has to be the best bomber jacket I have seen, ever. I couldn't possibly wear a bomber jacket if it wasn't either A) a coloured silk B) a crazy pattern. There is no way you could wear this jacket and not look good, okay that is such a lie, but you'd be trying. 

Suede and leather trousers - Anne Vest - £910

Because these are the sexiest effing trousers I have ever seen. Okay admittedly you would not want to be wearing these on a hot Spring day, but forget about the day. I'm talking evening - heels, shirt, sex. You can thank me later. 

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