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Making an impact: The Bomber

I've seen bomber jackets around shops for ages now, and it seems like they're going to go out of fashion soon. Don't think too fast.

The sun has finally decided to show its shameful face and in my opinion the bomber is the perfect substitute for a winter coat this time of year. Take away the stuffy, heavy, thick and bulky mass that is your sickeningly over-used winter coat and replace it with a light, loose and sickeningly cool jacket. 

I'm sure I'm not the one to introduce you (but if I am then I feel honoured). Or maybe you have been introduced but the introduction wasn't impressive, maybe. Well let me change that. 

Reader meet Bomber.

Bomber meet Reader.

Let me leave you too it. 

I've found almost too many Bomber jackets around that I love, here are a few.

Or maybe you're getting on really well and want something a bit more exciting?

Take your pick, and then wear them with pretty much anything.

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