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J Brand - it's not always in the jeans

'It’s easy, it’s effortless, you can wear it without having to try too hard,’ Rudes said. ‘Just like our jeans.’

A few nights ago across the pool from me, something special happened. You may have come across J brand as the go-to place for a good quality pair of designer jeans. Their reputation has grown more and more through each collection, to the point where they are now a world-renowned label.

This isn't the end of the J Brand tale - in fact, they've just started a new chapter. In my eyes it's called 'J Brand - it's not always in the jeans'. Okay it's not actually called that, but if they were actually calling this chapter a name - it's definitely an option.

New York was blessed with the debut ready-to-wear collection - found stood upon uniformly arranged podiums - and the trousers still won the gold medal. Let me show you.


'you can wear it without having to try too hard' has never been so apt.

Needless to say, round of applause J Brand - I am impressed. It's not too fancy, it's 100% wearable - I want to grab those ivory-coloured skinny trousers straight from my laptop screen. However their staple skinnies had enough competition from the tapered black trousers and the leather slouched trousers. 

Even when we move the attention from the bottom half to the top I'm still shocked by how impressed I am - J Brand did something totally unexpected - they created a new image - full of minimalism, slouchy silhouettes and aesthetic textures - I can't credit them enough.

Images from Vogue

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