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The best of: denim shorts

It's meant to be the hottest day of the year so far tomorrow, and I'm working 12 hours of it (but ignoring that horrible thought). I hope it reminds you of the Spring that is definitely springing and of the Summer that follows, and of course the hero of Summer that is the denim short. I bought my first pair of the year 2 weeks ago, I know it was WAY too early! But I don't give a shit, and neither should you.

It's one of those items that you may have two or three of already, but there is always room for another. Why stick to one colour? Turned up at the bottom? Yes, why not? Ripped at bottom? That also sounds pretty damn good. It all sounds so good because it really is so good. Wear them with pretty much anything, top-wise - dress them up, dress them down. Take your nearest dictionary and have a look at the word 'versatility', now look at the picture of denim shorts next to it (NB - not guaranteed).

Scroll down to see where you can get your 'first of the year', looking at the pick of my favourite designer and high street denim shorts.

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